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if youre in college and not trying new drugs and having crazy sex what the fuck you payin all that tuition for? 

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When you think you have nobody, remember that you always have yourself. That you will always support and advocate for yourself when no one else will. That’s why it’s important to love yourself. 

I’ve been feeling slightly homesick even after a month of living in California. So I make up for it by really going back to my roots and making some of my favorite Vietnamese dishes that I ate as a child. 

This is my boy friend’s favorite, bun thit nuong.


It’s truly a laborious dish. From the homemade carrots and daikon radish pickles to the marinating and grilling of the meat. I must admit I cheated a little and bought the egg rolls frozen and all I had to do was fry them. 

But there’s something about the noodles absorbing all the sauce, to the crunchiness of the vegetables, in combination with the smokey slightly burnt meat that makes this dish worth it. Plus it makes for a mean looking bento box the next day. 

Recipe Here

(Traditionally the meat is also marinated with lemon grass. Like this recipe. But my mother never used it and I personally think it gives the meat a gritty texture)

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How we spend time together.

How we spend time together.